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Why you need a Home Inspection?

13 April 2019 | Posted in: Home Buyers, Building inspections, Legal

The basis of the article is what defects or issues can be found by a building inspector. Photo supplied by Adam Spencer of Express Building Inspections, Hawke’s Bay.

The importance of having a building inspection when purchasing a home is to find any significant concerns around the home. Be it roofing issues, damp around a window frame, “soft” flooring around wetroom area such as kitchens & bathrooms. and the subfloor. And more.

One of the many areas inspected is the subfloor area, an inspector will crawl the area assessing for defects. Structural issues such as excessive cracking to the bearers is a defect that cannot go un-noted. An inspection will highlight this and advise on repairs and could save you serious concerns to your house in the future.

The picture to the left, supplied by Adam shows a fairly major crack in the sub-floor bearer. A serious issue as it could lead to the floor of the house collapsing causing major damage & personal injury.

Kerry McIntyre of Insure Hawke’s Bay offers sage advice. Talk to your House Insurance broker about the issues, so they can look at the policy wording. If you’re buying a house or looking to purchase the new insurance policy would almost certainly not cover pre-existing damage. After all the damage has been found by your Building Inspector. From an insurance point of view, a house insurance policy would not cover faulty or defective workmanship, design faults, rotten or deteriorating timbers.

So what would you do if you find similar faults

  1. Discuss with your Lawyer, as it may have an effect on the Purchase & Sale Agreement, the settlement & unconditional dates.
  2. Discuss with your Real Estate Agent, through your lawyer. You may need to alter or cancel the Agreement
  3. Discuss with your House Insurance broker and be sure to ask why a claim would not be paid.
  4. Discuss with your Mortgage Broker. Settlement of the mortgage may be held up or withheld till the faults are remedied.

All in all, ensure you have the right experts working on your behalf at all times.



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