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Before You Sell

05 January 2019 | Posted in: Home Sellers, Home Owners

Before you go to market, prepare your house for sale. This includes decluttering and attending to any unfinished jobs around the house and property. A buyer isn’t necessarily wanting to do any work to a place they buy and a finished home is much easier to sell.

redecorateConsider touching up any scuffed corners or faded paintwork but a full makeover is usually not necessary.

If you have done any alterations, renovations or extensions to your home pop down to your local city council office and ask for help checking your property file to make sure all permits have been signed off.

You can request a LIM report for a fee from the local district council and can give a copy to a prospective buyer, the Land Information Memorandum report includes information that is held by the local council about the property.

It is important to get a LIM to ensure that all buildings on the property have consents, this includes garaging, alterations, fireplaces, pools etc. A LIM will not include any unpermitted works and it only documents the information the council has about the property. Where building consents have been issued, check that a Code of Compliance certificate has also been signed off.

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