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Colour for your childs bedroom

01 February 2019 | Posted in: Home Owners

Your child will spend a lot of time in their room. If they have a favourite colour that will suit then you can paint their room. A better option may be to stick to a fairly neutral wall colour and decorate using that shade as a guide and add accent pieces such as a duvet, lamp, ceiling light shade, even coloured furniture or headboard to complement the chosen colour scheme.

Another thing to think about is the age of your child. Is this your for-ever home? If not then go for a more neutral wall shade.  If you are considering an item such as fairies or butterflies glued to the wall how will your child feel about them in 2 years time ? It is so much easier to change an accent piece than re-do the walls.

Also think safety in your child’s room. Ensure any large furniture is secured against the wall so it cannot tip. You may think of earthquake proofing, but a small child can even stand in an open drawer causing the whole dresser to topple over.

Suggestions to brighten a child’s room:

  • Blackboard paint – either in an oblong or why not paint on one whole wall (not the wall facing the door). Blackboard paint  comes in a great range of colours these days, you can even get pink !
  • A magnetic whiteboard is another fun item where your child can draw pictures and put their favourite pictures on display without harming the walls.
  • Accessorise for your little adventurer, a bright duvet and contrasting bedside table or lamp look great together.
  • Over door hooks are a great space saver and also work on wardrobe doors, for hanging school bag, jacket or dressing gown.
  • Stacker boxes help with toys and clutter and can slide into shelves.
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