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Decluttering 101 or how to sell your house quicker !

15 December 2018 | Posted in: Home Sellers

We nervously decided to sell our home ourselves. We took a long hard look at everything in the house and decided to rent a large storage locker.

This is the best decision I think we made (apart from buying the house in the first place!)

Not only did our house look larger and brighter without the extra furniture it was also easier to keep tidy. In the lounge we kept our couch and one lounge chair and we kept the table and only 4 dining chairs in the dining room.

The sideboard, footstool, coffee & side tables x3 and extra drawers in the bedrooms were relegated to storage too. Winter duvets and blankets, even extra towels, winter clothing and that beloved Christmas tablecloth I didn’t need til December were sent to storage. Those extra 6 champagne glasses got wrapped in that Christmas table cloth too. This was some serious business.

You have to remind yourself that you are not selling these items with the house and your rooms and cupboards will look so much larger without them.

Also take down and carefully store any family portraits and photos. The potential buyer needs to envision themselves in this house.

I did visit the storage place three times to retrieve items that I felt I still needed (Breadmaker I still love you) But it was quick and painless to do so.

Handy tip – most large storage places will sell you vacuum bags for clothing and large sturdy boxes, tape, bubble wrap.

A garage looks much better with tidily stacked boxes rather than a pile of “stuff” on the floor.

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