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First Impressions Count

13 December 2018 | Posted in: Home Sellers

So you have decided to sell, you may be having open homes or viewings by appointment only, either way you need a potential buyer to come view your house.

Make sure you are pleased with the photos taken of your house. You are the person who knows your house the best and don’t be afraid to reject any advertising you are not happy with.

As you have lived there you can tell them where the sun beams on the deck in the afternoon and how lovely and warm your house is in winter and any other pleasant features of your home.

Go outside then walk in your front door – take a long hard look around. If you were a potential buyer what do you see first ?

A common thing that people living in a house do is … live in their house! Sadly a potential buyer cannot see past your 40 family photos and 10 pairs of shoes by the front door.
You want a potential buyer to imagine themselves living there so put away personal photos and mementos.

The biggest thing you can do is – De-clutter! I’m not saying give away your prize possessions but if you’re not selling them you can store them. So think about what you are going to use in your next home and whether you need it right now.

Some Simple De-Cluttering Ideas:

  • Take un-seasonal clothes out of your wardrobe (i.e. jackets in summer or light summer dresses in winter). Pack in drawers or store long term sealed in plastic bags in a storage box.
  • Look at your shoe collection, how many pairs of shoes do you wear regularly. No you don’t need to throw out the others but you can store them in boxes out of sight.
  • What to do with those full storage boxes? If you aren’t fortunate enough to have a nice big garage (or do, but want to show potential buyers it IS a nice big empty garage) then consider a storage shed either long or short term.
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