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House Moving Tips

29 December 2018 | Posted in: Home Sellers

Having moved house a few times over the years, I recommend using a removal company to tackle the large furniture and heavy lifting such as fridges.

Also box everything that you can ahead of time, it makes it so much easier on the day. I usually leave out just the cups, plates and cutlery that we will use in the last couple of days and pack all the extra kitchen crockery and cookware.

Moving DayCount down to moving house

One month before, start stockpiling boxes from your local supermarket or get good sturdy boxes from a shop or storage company, mitre 10 have a good range.

Two weeks before – try to use up what is in your fridge, freezer and pantry, don’t do any big grocery shops as its just more stuff you will have to move on.

Take a look at the extra dishes, cookware and plastic containers – are you taking them all with you? Will you use them between now and moving date, if not pack them, stacking smaller items and you can wrap precious ornaments in a tea towel inside a container for protection too.

Change address for any deliveries or subscriptions, notify your power company, broadband provider, sky tv provider and any other onsite services you have.

One week before the big moving day

Ensure you have enough cleaning products, bags, bucket, sponges and cloths to do the exit clean

can you store pictures, paintings and any plants at a friends or relatives house for a few days as these can fill up your car and take up a lot of room on moving day and hey, that day you arrive there won’t be anywhere to put them yet will there?

on moving dayOn moving day

Take a final power reading – it may be useful to take a photo of your power meter reading, easier than writing it down and losing the bit of paper.

clothes in wardrobes take up a lot of space, I usually fill the car with the clothing that I have hanging loose then carry it straight into the wardrobes in the new house

Set a plan, it is easiest to empty a room then clean it  – vacuum, wipe skirtings, windows, windowsills

Mop floors last so they don’t get walked on again

Keep calm and carry on – don’t turn down any offers of help on the day !

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