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Moving In

06 January 2019 | Posted in: Home Buyers

So you have moved in to your new home. Congratulations!
What should you do now?

Buying a houseHeres a few tips that have been given to me by recent movers:

  • Change the locks or codes. You will have been given keys to your new home on takeover day but do you know who else has a key? It is good practice to change all the locks, don’t forget the garage and back door too. Also burglar alarm codes should be changed regularly.
  • Meet the neighbours and check what day rubbish pickup is, find out about any regular deliveries.
  • Have you changed the address for all your bills, subscriptions, magazines, TradeMe, banks etc. Even though we had a mortgage with our bank they still sent our statements to the old address!
  • Find out where your water toby is. Everyone who lives at your address should know how to shut off the water and power in an emergency.
  • Smoke Alarms should be working, now is a good time to change the batteries as you won’t know how old they are.
  • Check and clean or replace the filters in your rangehood and air conditioning.


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