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On Open Home Day

13 December 2018 | Posted in: Home Sellers

On your Open Home day you should clean and de-clutter your house but what else can you do to make your home more inviting ?

  • If you have 2 cars don’t leave one in the driveway, it will make it look smaller and if you live on a busy street with limited parking you may be restricting viewers who come to your open home. (I myself have driven away from a potential open home without viewing inside because there were no parks anywhere).
  • Check your front doorway is clear, put any extra pairs of shoes away (under your bed is fine)
  • Make sure curtains and blinds are open and dishes are put away (in the dishwasher or oven is fine).
  • Remember to clean the oven as they may check it out – the oven is usually sold with the house.
  • Stand in the doorway of each room from the hallway and have a good look, see if you can spot any piles of toys, cluttered bench tops or areas that need attention as these can make a large room seem smaller.
  • Ensure any valuables, personal items and jewellery etc are put away or taken with you, even precious kids toys need to be kept out of sight as a potential buyer may be distracted while their child grabs something, its too late once it goes missing or gets broken. ( I once had a very apologetic real estate agent greet me after an open home as a small child had trashed my son’s painstakingly constructed star wars lego, I don’t think he ever forgave me).
  • I always drop my hairbrush and underarm deodorant, hairspray etc in the top drawer, no-one needs to see those on the dresser in your bedroom. (This helps them not to think of it as your house, same goes for family photos – as lovely as they are it distracts the viewer away from seeing the room itself).
  • Arrange your furniture to allow someone to walk around the room easily. Make sure all the chairs at the dining table are pushed in as that can make the area look bigger.
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