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Hi Andrew

Thanks for taking the time to call me yesterday.

We will list you under the Home Sellers category – Home Staging. We had not originally set up a category for Appliance & Furniture Rental, however, we have now thanks to you. Your listing will be in both but with no charge for the Appliance Rental. So you would effectively get 2 listings for the price of 1.


Now is the opportune moment to outline our Marketing plan.

To attract the public to our site we will incorporate the following

  • Google Adwords & SEO
  • Facebook
  • 1 other social media, possibly Instagram
  • Visit Real Estate Agents on a regular basis to ensure they are aware of HomeKey
  • Email but not spam Real Estate Agents to keep HomeKey in front of mind as the go-to tool for their buyers & sellers.
  • Trade Shows to increase awareness of brand (10,000 visitors per show)
    • Hawkes Bay Better Home & Living Show May 17-19
    • Hawkes Bay Home & Garden Show September 13-15


We have 2 Subscription Options as follows

  • Monthly Fee $39.86 incl GST (based on $8 per week + GST)
  • Annual Fee $478.40 incl GST
    • Pay for 12 months & receive 2 free months in addition
    • The cost then per week, if paid annually would reduce to $6.93 + GST
    • Your next Subscription Renewal would be 01 May 2020

The Annual Fee offer ($478.40) would need to be paid by 28/02 and would cover both listings.

Any questions please email me or call me.







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