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Thanks for taking my call and as per our discussion regarding Marketing and Promotion of HomeKey.
As with all businesses it does seem essential to have a presence. To start with we will use Facebook. We will look at others to ensure we are not missing any opportunities. But Facebook does seem the main choice in the Social Media space.
We will be ensuring up to date are posted on a very regular basis. We will ask for opinion, advice, and articles from all experts in their specialist field. We see that as key to get up the google rankings. We see that as a way of cross-promoting everybody’s business. We will also be using Adwords.
Our aim is to be visible by establishing, then maintaining contact with the Real Estate agents. By monthly emails to keep reminding them of HomeKey as their tool of choice. I envisage trying to maintain a visit to agents on a quarterly basis also.
The Hawke’s Bay has 2 good shows per year
  • Better Home & Living May 2019
  • Home & Garden Show September 2019
With 10,000 visitors per show, we feel it is a natural fit that we could promote HomeKey.
I do however have the opinion we stress at the shows that we are not selling anything which would get people looking, and not running away from a pushy salesperson.
We are about to enter an agreement that will enable people to connect utilities courtesy of HomeKey
  • Electricity
  • Broadband
  • LPG
  • SKY TV
  • and more
There is more but I think you can see we have a pretty solid marketing (but improvable) marketing strategy.
Hope that helps. Any questions drop me an email.


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