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Use your Outdoor Space

17 December 2018 | Posted in: Home Owners

outdoors on deck
With summer on the way, your thoughts will be turning to long summer evenings spent outside. While everyone loves a big deck it is not always possible to afford or have room for a larger deck.

You can either buy new paving stones or check out used pavers online, the bigger the better.
Pavers can be laid yourself or get in a professional to gain extra space for seating or make a feature area at the end of your garden that will make you want to sit there too.

Ways to emphasise outdoor space:

  • Strategically place chairs and tables to maximise available space
  • if you are having a barbecue don’t be afraid to spread out a bit and use all the space you have
  • outdoor citronella candles are useful and a nice touch, make sure they are out of reach if there are children around

Outdoor Games for children:

  • Paddling pools are a big hit with young children, even a sprinkler or hose to play on and this has the added bonus of watering your lawn at the same time. Ensure a paddling pool has fresh water and try not to let it sit on one patch of grass for longer than a couple of days unless you are going for that crop circle unique look).
  • Use the sprinkler on your garden hose for some water play fun for the children while watering your lawn at the same time.
  • A giant chess set is a hit with older children to play chess or draughts outside – remember the board is 8 x8 so is made up of 64 squares – thats 32 white and 32 black square paving stones.
  • Giant Jenga – you can buy great sets or if you are a bit of a d.i.y’er you may already have some offcuts lying around. Also if you have a crafty grandparent looking for a small project a very attractive stacked tower can be made from light woods that can be stained or painted with test pots or any left over decking or house paints you have stored away.
  • Ring Toss or Bowls – again theres some great sets you can buy or even make your own.
  • Golf, Cricket or Croquet – you can buy a set of plastic golf clubs etc or croquet mallets and the croquet hoops slip easily into the lawn with minimal disruption. Some kids golf sets come with plastic “holes” they can putt to, or for the more serious amateur golfer, wash out old tin cans and dig a small hole to insert the can in (ensure the lip of the can doesn’t protrude above ground level unless you want to see some very unsporting behaviour!).
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