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What to do when looking for a house

14 December 2018 | Posted in: Home Buyers

Buying a houseBuying a house is one of the biggest and most important decisions of your life. There is a lot a stress and financial burden if you get it wrong. So what do you need to consider?

Now is the time to apply for finance and look at how much you can afford as that will determine the price range you will search for a home in. Find a mortgage broker now.

Do your research when buying a property – it’s ok to ask the seller or agent for information but also do your own research, look online, look around the street and area.

Have a look at the statistics and details for recent sales, you can even find out what price nearby houses sold for.

When you are seriously considering making an offer you can visit your local council and view a copy of their property files.

A real estate contract is binding, make sure you read it all and get clarification of any clauses if you are in any doubt – get legal advice.

Whether you pay the asking price or negotiate down is between you and the seller. Try to see with your head as well as your heart, if you fall in love at first sight you may not make the best decision regarding practical issues such as on-going costs and maintenance.

  • Sort out your finance and determine what you can afford to buy
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for a private viewing or go back to the next open home (if you can wait that long..)
  • Search the address online or even the street address and related sites for any recent sales to give you an idea of property values in the area
  • View property files – they are public documents available at the local District Council offices

Above all, do your homework so you can rest assured you are buying the home you love, want and need.

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